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advancing good
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A community-wide prevention initiative designed to make
healthy choices easier.

In the Summer of 2010, Partners for Health envisioned communities where the healthy choice would be the easy choice. We focused on prevention initiatives, because studies show a lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating habits contribute to many chronic illnesses that are otherwise preventable.

The Foundation began by forming a Partnership of like-minded agencies, organizations, schools, businesses and others who share this vision. We agreed on key objectives to promote the healthy choices already available, and to enhance the existing infrastructure to make these choices safer and more accessible.

Now, neighborhood and community groups across Montclair are coming together to improve access to healthier lifestyle options, so that residents of all ages can Eat. Play. Live... Better.

Eat. Play. Live... Better was launched in May 2011 at the 9th Annual Tour de Montclair. A new website lists local events and activities, resources, plus information about how to get started such as by planting or volunteering in a Community Garden, or joining a Walking Club.

In the coming year we plan to expand the Partnership, and create a healthy schools mini-grant program. We will reach out to restaurants to encourage more sustainable and healthy food choices, and provide window signs to identify participating establishments. We will also encourage local businesses to offer incentives for those who walk or bike to shop.

We will continue to develop Walking Clubs and other opportunities for physical activity for seniors, families and children, and we will create maps that identify where it is safe to play, walk and ride a bike. Our efforts to seed Community Gardens in more neighborhoods will continue as well.

Partners for Health is supporting this initiative as a pilot in Montclair before expanding it to other local towns.

We are proud to be at the forefront of a nationwide effort toward prevention.

Get started now!